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we can offer you buying service(sourcing service) ,if you want to buy something from chinese market , taobao online marketplace  , if your wanted production is rare ,and also you are welcome  

as for payment,we can accept the /moneygram /westernuion/bank transfer


we can choose faster delivery (EMS fedex UPS) , or cheap delivery(hk post)

if you are new customer , we can offer free service(first time)




             name:   liudong 刘栋   city:NanJing  JiangSu (PRO) CHINA      




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sorry ,we don't accept the paypal
reason is  withdraw fee is high (usd35.00)
we don't have hk bank account
paypal can lock anyone in chinese without any reason, due to we are small company , so porfit is poor

but we can offer you customer in your local to verify it