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we are small farm (comany)

main production

insect food

flower tea

insect tea

"bite of china"  featured prodction


silkworm cocoon beauty   wipe

100% real pearl powder (beauty)

 bee wax (bee venom)
dry snake (snake venom) snake liquor
snake oil cream (beauty) or snake powder

ant liquor , vespa liquor ,Kumis-liquor

deer penis and deer testicle (male potency supplement )
sea dragon

(deer antler slice)


Coconut oil  /CASTOR OIL /hemp oil








             name:   liudong 刘栋   city:NanJing  JiangSu (PRO) CHINA      




 to order






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sorry ,we don't accept the paypal
reason is  withdraw fee is high (usd35.00)
we don't have hk bank account
paypal can lock anyone in chinese without any reason, due to we are small company , so porfit is poor

but we can offer you customer in your local to verify it